Reinventing a sport

Imagine yourself mid-way through a marathon, a marathon swim. You’re half way through a Marathon 10k swim, you glance up at the big screen, you’re in 5thposition overall. You set off at a good pace, but is it sustainable? The scoreboard shows your predicted time of 2 hours 31 minutes and you’re 2 minutes behind the leader. Two more laps and you’re now in 3rd place with a predicted time of 2 hours 29 minutes. You are energized by the crowd and your friends on poolside. The screen in transition flashes up with the number of laps you have completed so far (a useful reminder) and shows your new record lap time. The swimmer in first place has finished in a time of 2:28, the time to beat. The dyna

Marathon Swims 2018

The performances by our Marathon Swims participants never fail to amaze us. Here are just a few of the stories from the second ever Marathon Swims event (10 and 11 November 2018): Record breaking event: Every record time was beaten (or equalled) by the year's Marathon Swims participants, with the sole exception of the male Marathon 10k record.. Marathon 10k: Hayley Moore not only retained her overall Marathon 10k title, smashed her own event record time by 5 minutes (completing the Marathon 10k in an amazing 2:28:53) but also came third in the Team 10k event. Hayley really is the person to beat - will anyone challenge her in Marathon Swims 2019? The male Marathon 10k record remains with Jame

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