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Marathon Swims Rules & Format

Please read the Marathon Swims Rules and Etiquette before taking part in Marathon Swims

Please read the Marathon Swims Rules

Please also read the Marathon Swims Etiquette

Marathon Swims Event Format:


Check out the Marathon Swims event format in the video.


The format is the same for all Marathon10k, Half Marathon 5k and 1k Challenge events. Team10k will tag in transition to start your teammate's swim..

Marathon Swims has a unique event format. Our goal is to deliver an authentic sporting challenge, establish indoor Marathon Swimming as a sport in its own right and deliver a fantastic event experience (for both participants and spectators). To do that we had to get creative.

We know that you want instant and reliable results and we know that throughout a significant physical challenge of swimming a Marathon 10k or Half Marathon 5k you need fluid and fuel. We even know that swimming 200 lengths of a 50m pool can get, dare we say it, a little dull. And we all know that most of us lose count of the number of lengths by the time we get into double figures!

We also know there is an army of loyal and devoted family and friends out there who are forever supporting you in your challenges. These supporters deserve to be able to follow the race, follow your progress, interact with you and give you that extra push or motivation that you need.

So, the Marathon Swims format was born: complete a course, not endless laps of the same lane. A transition area would enable you to interact with your supporters, take on fluids/fuel and even take a mid-race selfie (if you're not worried about your time). Chip timing provides instant, reliable results, your 1k splits and a finish time... as soon as you cross the line.


Who's going to win? Who's the leader in the locker room and who is that swimming at elite speed looking like they'll break into the top three? The stories from the sport of marathon swimming will be made here. The race, the participants and the surroundings will all make for an fascinating and compelling spectacle. So, we invite you to be a part of the fifth Marathon Swims event...

More information on the Marathon Swims event format is available in the FAQ's

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