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Marathon Swims 2024

Marathon Swims returns to the London Aquatics Centre in 2024 (Saturday 9 November 2024).

ENTER London's marathon of swimming in 2024. Challenges include the Marathon 10k, Half Marathon 5k, 1k Challenge and Team 10k.

Launch dates:

All categories now open for registration.

Charity Places:

Charity places are for Alzheimer's Society. The fundraising request for each category is £300 for Marathon 10k and Team 10k, £200 for Half Marathon 5k and £150 for 1k Challenge.


The Marathon 10k is heavily oversubscribed each year, so we operate a ballot as the fairest way of distributing the places. You can skip the ballot by claiming a charity or volunteer place.

Entries to the ballot are free of charge. Payment details are taken at point of registration to the ballot. Only successful ballot entrants will have a payment taken. The ballot opens Thursday 29 February and runs until 12pm 2 April 2024. All successful entrants will be notified by 4 April. All ballot entries have an equal chance. It does not matter when you enter the ballot, as long as you do so before the closing date of 4 April. We recommend you enter the ballot now, just so you don't forget to later on.

Some successful entries on the ballot may have their payment fail. If this occurs the entrant will be given 3 days to pay the amount owed to claim their place. If the entry fee remains unpaid after 3 days, then the place will be cancelled and offered on a first come, first served basis to all unsuccessful ballot entrants.

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