Launch of the Ultimate Swimming Challenge...

Swimming now has its own marathon. Marathon Swims, the ultimate swimming challenges launches 25 July 2017. Every major city has a marathon, half marathon and triathlon – now it will have a Marathon Swim. Swimming has been, to some extent, a forgotten sport, especially in terms of participation sport. Very few swimming challenge events exist to inspire and motivate the millions of everyday athletes across the country. Marathon Swims is a significant, physical and authentic challenge. The event is chip timed, data driven and will look unlike anything ever staged in a pool before. Marathon Swims will be debuting at the pool of champions, the London Aquatics Centre, on Queen Elizabeth Olymp

Swimovation - has swimming been left in the slow lane?

The level of change and innovation in sport is seemingly ever increasing. Innovations in running, cycling and triathlon have helped keep the sports fresh, interesting to partners and most importantly, engaged and excited consumers. Whether it’s the genius, simplicity and community of parkrun, the creativity of Tough Mudder or the ability to create rules and a sport in its own right with SwimRun, the participation sports event landscape is changing and fast. One mainstream participation sport which has arguably shown less in terms of innovation is swimming. Swimming has not been able to benefit from the boom in wearable tech or apps to the extent of cycling or running. This is starting to cha

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