A Virtually 'Never-ending' Challenge

Thank you to everyone who has entered and supported the Marathon Swims Virtual Challenge 2020. We had an amazing response with over 700 marathon swimmers taking on the challenge of swimming a marathon 10k or an ultra marathon 25k over the month of November. But even though November is now a distant memory, our Marathon Swims Virtual Challenge is still going!

Virtual events have been one bright point of 2020. As so many events had to cancel or postpone due to COVID restrictions, socially distanced virtual events had their moment and we wanted to provide our community with a marathon swimming challenge.

The original plan was to challenge participants to swim their distance over the month of November. However, #Lockdown2 with many pools across the country closing meant we had to extend the deadline to 31 December. Not an ideal time to end a challenge on 'Old year's night' but the challenge was extended. However, soon after #Lockdown3 then meant a further delay to the end date of the challenge.

At time of writing we currently do not have an end date for the challenge, as we don't know when pools will re-open. But as soon as the pools are back open, we'll communicate an end date for the challenge. Whenever the end date is, you will have definitely earned your medal - for not only distance swimming but also patience!

Around 200 participants have already completed their challenge. Some were able to complete their distance in the short time pools were open in November and December. Others have completed their challenge in open water. Some of our finishers have completed their challenge in other countries where restrictions are different. We've had participants from as far away as New Zealand, USA, Philippines and Malaysia.

So, if you're one of our Virtual Challenge participants and waiting to complete your challenge - hang on in there. We'll be out of this soon and when we are, and when you've completed your distance, there will be a wonderful, gleaming medal arriving in the post.

This challenge will have an end date and you will achieve your challenge. This is NOT a never-ending challenge. For now though, stay active and stay safe.

PS - the Marathon Swims Virtual Challenge will be back in 2021, as an open water and pool based challenge.The Ultra Marathon 50k will also be added to the challenge distances on offer.

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