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How to choose your swimming lane

Here's our guide to choosing your lane. Simple hey?

We've all been there swimming happily away in the Medium lane, only for a very slower swimmer to join you in your lane. As you overtake them almost every lap - you can feel the lane-rage building. Then what happens? A super-speedy swimmer joins your lane also. Not only do you have to deal with the pedestrian pace of the slow swimmer but now the intimidation of the speedy swimmer overtaking you every other lap.

You look longingly at the SLOW lane and the FAST lane, wishing your fellow swimmers could move over. Should you move lane? Or should you ask them to? But would that mean the other lanes would be too busy?

The key to perfect swimming lane etiquette is individual understanding of the etiquette, appropriate decisions and ultimately, the awareness to move lanes when needed. That's why we created this - a guide to swimming lane selection etiquette.

Enjoy and please do pass it on!


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