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10 reasons to swim a marathon, rather than run one

This time of the year you can’t walk down the street without bumping into someone training for the marathon. After lucking out in the ballot and a big festive period many of these runners have finally got around to starting their marathon training… some of them reluctantly.

So here, we give you (and them) 10 reasons to swim a marathon, rather than run one:

  1. You don’t have to start your training in January! – Marathon Swims is in November 2020, so plenty of time to start your training when it’s a little warmer.

  1. Be one in a million! – over 1 million people have run the Virgin Money London Marathon. But we say stand out from the crowd. In London’s marathon of swimming – Marathon Swims, to date just 603 have completed the Marathon 10k challenge… make sure you’re on this exclusive list later this year

  2. You don’t have to swim 26.2 miles! – running marathons may be 26.2 miles, but a swimming marathon is just 10k (the elites in both sports will take around 2 hours)

  3. 100% chance of getting in! – There’s no ballot in Marathon Swims, simply enter here - The event has SOLD out every year, so do enter soon

  4. You don’t need to raise £2,000! – To get a place in the London Marathon you can be asked to raise £2k for a single place. Marathon Swims encourages all participants to fundraise for our fantastic charity partner Level Water, but even if you have one of their charity places, the fundraising ask is only £200

  5. Keep your toe nails! – enough said!

  1. No need to spend £££ on kit – swim costume and goggles is all you need

  2. And no tutus – fancy dress is not on the kit list either

  3. You loo queue too? – No loo queues the length of a parkrun before the race!

  1. No hitting the wall – well, to be honest you will touch it a few times ;)

Take on London's marathon of swimming at the London Aquatics Centre, on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - 7 & 8 Nov 2020.

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