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And the winner is ...

Marathon Swims is in the running (or swimming) for a top Industry award – Participation Event of the Year at the prestigious BT Sport Industry Awards (Battersea, London 26 April 2018). But what does it mean and what has been the affect so far?

Firstly, we’re honoured to be shortlisted and proud to be recognised by the industry. Former winners include global iconic events such as; Prudential Ride London and parkrun. The shortlist for 2018 also includes some major, mass participation events; Royal Parks Half Marathon, HSBC UK City Ride, Velo Birmingham, BT Sport Pub Cup, Parallel London and ourselves. We’re in esteemed company.

The effect of being shortlisted so far has been incredibly positive. Shortlisting has placed us on the map – not only for the Marathon Swims event but also the wider company of Participation Sport Ltd. Two new consultancy clients have been secured since the announcement and many messages of support and congratulations received.

A swimming event has never won the BT Sport Industry Awards and the sport has only been nominated once before. What makes us different and what do we think the judges saw in us?

We were keen to emphasise our innovation. We are disrupting the sport of swimming with new rules, a new format and bringing RFID chip technology to the pool for a swimming event for the very first time. Pool swimming is no longer confined to 50m – 1,500m.

We’re a boot-strapping start-up. Big agencies are great, but so are big ideas. We’re showing how you don’t necessarily need a six or seven figure budget to make a difference or impact.

Regardless of the result on the night, we have already won. A first-year event from a small start-up is competing with the major players in the industry on the biggest stage – we’re proud to be shortlisted and we’re going to enjoy every moment.

Who will win? We’re very much the outsiders but the impossible can happen and underdogs do win. Could we be the Becker of 1985, the Denmark of 1992 or will we be the Moussambani of 2000? All will be revealed on the evening of Thursday 26 April 2018. Watch this space and follow #BTSIA.

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