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10 Questions we always get asked about Marathon Swims

In this blog we share the team’s top 10 questions that we regularly get asked about #MarathonSwims - the ultimate swimming challenge. We have also provided some answers…

1. What?! Swim 26.2 miles?

Haha no, a marathon swim is 10k. The 10k distance has been an Olympic event since Beijing 2008 (albeit in open water). That’s not to say you can’t swim that sort of distance in an event - there are some famous marathon swims that are well over the 10k distance!

2. The London Aquatics Centre – is that where the Olympics were?

Yes, you have the opportunity to take part in the #PoolofChampions where the best swimmers in the world competed in the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. How many other Olympic venues can you say you have competed at?

3. How long does it take?

An elite marathon swimmer will take about the same amount of time to complete the swimming marathon (10k) as it does for the elite runners to complete the running marathon (26.2 miles), which is around two hours. The winning time in Marathon Swims 2017 was 2 hours 33 minutes and the average was 3 hours 46 minutes

4. Have you done the event yourself?

None of the team did the Marathon Swims event in 2017 as we were busy delivering a fantastic experience for our participants. But, yes, within the team we have many who can proudly claim, “I am a Marathon Swimmer!”

5. Will you organise a 2.5k swimming challenge as part of Marathon Swims?

We never say never but we do like the challenge and the decision that the 10k, 5k and 1k poses. The Half Marathon 5k is a significant step up in distance from the 1k Challenge, but then again, it is good to be challenged. Anyone who puts the training time in can achieve anything they set their minds on. If you really wanted to swim 2k or 3k, you could enter the Marathon 10k Team challenge and swim fewer 1k legs than your partner. As a comparison in other sports - athletics has a jump from 1,500m to 5,000m (although of course some smart alec is going to mention the 3,000m Steeplechase…)

6. Are you going to bring Marathon Swims to (insert city here) city?

We hope to take the event national and international. Watch this space for further announcements and follow us on social media for the most up to date announcements. Our decision on where we go next is influenced by demand, so register your interest and tell us where you’d like Marathon Swims to go next (in the UK and internationally)

7. Is there a ballot entry system?

Unlike some other major events in the capital, we don’t currently have a ballot. Places are currently on sale now. However, we did sell out last year and we expect to do so again in 2018. So, we do recommend you enter as soon as possible and secure your place in the ultimate swimming challenge.

8. Do you have to fundraise?

No, but we do encourage it. A marathon swim is a significant personal challenge and last year over 20% of our participants raised money for charity. Our Official Charity Partner is Cancer Research UK and we encourage all participants to raise money for them or donate to their incredible work in beating cancer sooner.

9. Isn’t swimming 10k a little bit dull?

No, not with our format. We make the challenge seem more achievable by “chunking it” into 10 course loops rather than 200 lengths. We don’t want anyone to swim up and down the same lane 200 times and we certainly don’t want anyone having to count them!

10. Where do I sign up?

That’s an easy one – you can enter the event here.

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