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What's Your A Race?

This time of year, through the cold dark nights of winter, our thoughts turn to our goals for the year. Which sports events shall you enter? What do you want to achieve and most importantly, what’s your events strategy?

When considering possible events for next year, you need to ask yourself one simple question; what’s your “A Race”? Your “A Race” is simply the one that you value the most, your target for the year, the race at which you want to peak. Answer this question and the rest will slot into place.

We know that participants don’t just enter one event, they enter multiple races to build up to and prepare for their “A Race”. We know that the majority of participants have entered over 5 events each year.

It’s all about the timing:

Often participants enter multiple events to build up distance; 5k to 10k, to Half Marathon, to the dreaded 20-miler, all before the big marathon.

This goes some way to explain why, in the UK, there are twice as many half marathons in March as there are in May (the months either side of the Virgin Money London Marathon). But your “A Race” does not need to be the biggest, most high profile event – a fast course for a PB, a stunning route, friends entering or even “podium chasing” can be reasons to select and target specific events.

We found that most of our participants had already got a target challenge in mind. The “A Race” is here and NOW is the time to act to ensure your entry.

Marathon Swims is most certainly an A Race! The Marathon (10k) distance is a landmark achievement and far fewer participants have achieved the marathon swimming distance compared to the running equivalent. This makes the challenge that much more appealing to many. Why attempt something that so many have conquered before? Why be the same, why not be a pioneer of sport?

Some key considerations for selection of your A Race:

- What's your target: a PB? Beat a time? Beat a friend? Podium? Or simply completion

- What's the sport: Attempting something new? Something you've done before or even tried before and previously failed?

- Which event and why?: High profile? Stunning location? Iconic? Close to home? Or an event that you could do well in?

- What's the cost: Higher profile events are likely to have higher fees - but let's face it, the major iconic events are worth it! Often the earlier you enter, the bigger the saving

- Which friends?: They will influence your race choices greatly. Get in first and suggest the ones you want to do!

So, good luck with your training and more importantly, with your race entries in this busy time of year. So, if you haven’t already – now is the time to get planning your 2020 “A Race”, “B Races” and even your “C Races”. Good luck!

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