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The Marathon that just got bigger

Marathon Swims is back and it's bigger! The ultimate swimming challenge returns to the London Aquatics Centre on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th November 2018.

Last year's sell-out event proved swimming is an incredibly popular sport. Marathon Swims set out to change perceptions, innovate and create a stand-out challenge in the pool for swimmers, triathletes, would be swimmers and just those wanting to challenge themselves.

Every major city in the world has a (running) marathon, half marathon and triathlon. Now cities can have their own major swimming event that they can be proud of. The aim of Marathon Swims is to create the London Marathon in the pool. Marathon Swims is a significant and accessible challenge that inspires, challenges and motivates swimmers nationwide.

The Marathon Swims series hopes to add more

events throughout the year and the team behind the event are targeting the nation's very best pools. "We hope to create a nationwide series of Marathon Swims in the county's best 50m pools", stated Marathon swims founder Diccon Loy. "Swimming is a fantastic sport, but few accessible challenges exist in the sport, especially in swimming pools. There are some fantastic open water events out there. We're not looking to compete with them. We want to provide an authentic challenge and premium event experience for the 4million+ regular pool-based swimmers and for the millions who would love to swim more, but are waiting for the motivation and inspiration to get back in the pool."

Marathon Swims 2017 launched in late July and sold out by October. This year Marathon Swims 2018 launched on 31 January, and the event is expected to sell out even quicker, despite having twice the space with an extra day added to the event to cater for increased demand.

Entry to Marathon Swims 2018 is now open, places are allocated on a fist come, first served basis. ENTER HERE.

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