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Top Ten Pics from Marathon Swims 2017

Marathon Swims 2017 is done and dusted. Swims swum, medals awarded and photos framed. So we thought we'd relive some of the best moments of Marathon Swims 2017 by celebrating the very best images captured at the event.

The awarding panel deliberated long and hard about the shortlist and the order, but we are proud to announce the TOP TEN Marathon Swims 2017 images (in reverse order, naturally):

10. Before the storm - the judges loved the stillness of the water, Marathon Swims brand matching swim suit and pensive mood

9. Medal Pride - Post race pics are always great and this really captures that "yes, we've done it" feeling

8. Hi Five - The Team Marathon 10k really was a real highlight of the event. The excitement of changeovers between teammates is really captured here

7. Dive In - There are dives and there are dives. This is definitely a dive!

6. High Ten - We love a high five (or high ten) at Marathon Swims. This was hands down (or up) the best high five image of the weekend

5. Transition Run - We love it when participants run along the blue carpet through transition. Here you can see he's wasting no time in getting back into the water

4. Yes, the Last Lap - Mission (almost) accomplished. A fantastic show of emotion as he closes in on his epic Marathon Swim challenge

3. Transition Feed - Everyone needs fuel mid-race and when you have friends on hand to provide it gives you a massive boost

2. Selfie Man - We actively encouraged participants to bring their phones poolside and engage on social before, mid and post race. Here this amazing moment s captured - medal selfie with the Marathon Swims branding and pool in the background. We'd love to see the result of this...

1. Well Done Mummy - Everyone was there to support, cheer on and congratulate the amazing achievements of the swimmers. What a moment!

If you have any Race Day photos that you'd like to share - please send them into us at

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