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Spectator Information

Spectator options for Marathon Swims 2023:

FREE Spectating:

Entry is free for spectators, but only if they are pre-registered. To register for Spectator places - please register here. Free spectator access does NOT enable you to access poolside. Registration for free spectator passes closes at 12pm Thursday 9 November 2023.

All registered spectators can enter via the Event entrance along with the participants. A wristband will be allocated on arrival. Any non registered spectators will be asked to enter the venue via the main entrance and charges may apply (subject to availability). Seating is provided in the arena.

Exclusive Poolside Access:

Get close to the action on poolside. Purchase an Exclusive Poolside Access pass for just £9.50. This will enable you to see your friends close up every time they go through Transition. Give them a high 5 or even take a picture with them mid-race. This pass includes entry to the venue via the participant entrance and spectator seating as above.

Exclusive poolside access is only available until 6 Nov. Some spectator places may be available on the event day (subject to availability) - please see our registration team at the event for more details.

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