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Welcome to the Marathon Swimmers' Zone.  This section is for Marathon Swims participants only.  Included in these pages are help and advice from our partners, special offers and closer to race day, your Marathon Swimmer's Guide.



To access this section, please click on the button below and enter the Marathon Swimmers' password given to you on your confirmation email.

Marathon Swimmers' Zone

Swimmers' Page

Check out Mark's story - he's taking on the 1k Challenge in Marathon Swims at London Aquatics Centre 11 November 2017.  Raising money for Cancer Research UK - what's your story?

Mark's Story

This is your page.  We want to put the spotlight on you and your stories of training, progress, fundraising and all things swimming.  Film your story, send us the You Tube link or the video and we'll feature you here...

Swimmers' Stories:

Checkout our daily swim session on Twitter (@MarathonSwims).  Every day in the build up to the big #MarathonSwims event we'll be publishing a #SwimWOD to follow.  A SwimWOD is simply a swimming Work Out of the Day.

We know how hard training for a Marathon Swim is and how mixing it up and changing your swim session every day helps with motivation, balance and improves technique.  So, every day we'll be publishing the SwimWOD for the following day.  

We're not here to prescribe a full programme and workout plan, we'll leave that to your coach who can fit your plan to your abilities and your time available.  So we hope you enjoy our SwimWOD's but remember, you don't need to do every day's SwimWOD, just dip in when you're looking for some inspiration or want a change to your workou.  

Good luck in training for the #UltimateSwimmingChallenge 

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