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Can I change my start time?

No, unfortunately not. The start times for Marathon Swims are arranged based on your estimated completion time (entered at time of registration). It is important, for the enjoyment of all, to ensure that swimmers of similar speeds are placed in the same wave, as we know it can be frustrating if participants are continually overtaken or need to overtake.


The start times of waves are set to enable a consistent flow of participants throughout the event. Start times on both event days vary between 8.30am and 6pm. The faster swimmers have later starts.

There was an option for a limited number of people to select a start wave in registration, however this may not have been available to those entering later.

Will I get a Race Pack in the post?

- Race Packs are not sent out, but collected from the venue on Race Day.  We recommend arriving at least an hour before your individual start time.  The Race Pack includes a wristband, your race tattoo and any Marathon Swims merchandise you have purchased along with your entry.  You will also collect a timing chip

When will I get to know my start time?

- Race Day information, including individual start times, will be available closer to the event date (communicated on or around 1 October 2020).  We will email you with all the details of your challenge but also please keep an eye on social media for updates and announcements. Start times may vary from 8am to 7pm on the event day depending on the schedule. 

Can I change my challenge?

- You can transfer to another challenge, only if there is space in the challenge that you are transferring to.  NO changes can be made after 30 September 2020.  Charges apply for any change of challenge

Can I change my estimated completion time?

- Yes, your estimated completion time is an important piece of information.  It ensures we are able to place swimmers in the right wave, as we try to ensure that swimmers of similar ability are together.  The deadline for any changes of estimated completion time is midnight 30 September 2020. You can change your estimated completion time by logging in to your account and changing the details

Can I change my start time?

- You can only change your start time (when allocated) if you have purchased Wave Selection when you entered the event. All participants are placed in waves depending on their speed and wave start times vary between 8am and 7pm on both event days

As part of my Marathon Swim, how do I raise money for charity?

- Anyone who has a place in Marathon Swims can raise money for charity. We encourage all participants to raise money for charity.  

Please email us if you have any other questions about the event and we’ll update this section accordingly


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