The Ultimate Swimming Challenge

London's marathon of swimming


Marathon Swims


Marathon Swims is the ultimate swimming challenge.  Swimming now has its own marathon. 

Marathon Swims 2021:

 We'll be back soon for Marathon Swims 2021 at the London Aquatics Centre, on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Event dates to be announced soon. Be first to hear about the launch of Marathon Swims 2021 by registering your interest.


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Marathon Swims Virtual Challenge 2020:

New completion date: midnight 11 May 2021.


The Marathon Swims Virtual Challenge was your chance to take on an iconic marathon swimming distance in your own time.  Participants chose to take on the Marathon 10k or the Ultra Marathon 25k, swimming as often as they liked, at a venue/pool of their choosing to achieve their distance challenge. Originally the date of completion was 30 November 2020, but subsequent lockdowns and Tier restrictions meant we have had to extend the final completion time to midnight 11 May 2020.


Send us your results to earn your exclusive Marathon Swims Virtual Challenge medal.

Registration is now closed. The Marathon Swims Virtual Challenge will be back next year. Register your interest today.

Marathon Swims format:

We've innovated in swimming to give you instant, reliable results using RFID chip technology to deliver an engaging, exciting challenge event  (for spectators as well as participants). No need for lap counting or endless laps of the same lane. 


Watch our 30 second Marathon Swims format explainer video:

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Marathon Swims events at the London Aquatics Centre:

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The Ultimate Swimming Challenge

Marathon Swims Virtual Challenge

1 Nov 2020 - 11 May 2021

Choose from the Marathon 10k or the Ultra Marathon 25k. Swim as often as you'd like in a pool/venue of your choice to achieve your distance challenge over 30 consecutive days before midnight 31 Dec 2020.


Send us your results to earn your exclusive Marathon Swims Virtual Challenge medal. Registration is now closed but a new virtual challenge will be launched soon - register your interest here.

Marathon Swims:
New venues


We're keen to take Marathon Swims to new locations. If you'd like to see a Marathon Swims event in a pool near you - register your interest here



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