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#WorldCupOfPools 2022

Congratulations to #WorldCupOfPools 2022 winners JESUS GREEN LIDO! An epic battle with London Fields Lido. Final score:

Jesus Green Lido 51.5%


London Fields Lido 48.5%

Thank you to all the pools and voters. Please read below and support #SaveOurPools:

Welcome to the #WorldCupOfPools - the competition to find the UK's most popular swimming pool on social media.


World Cup of Pools Mission:

Our mission is to increase the visibility of swimming and swimming pools on social media and highlight the need to support our nation's pools through the most challenging time in their existence.


We're supporting Swim England's #SaveOurPools campaign - please sign the petition and/or message your MP!

The World Cup of Pools 2022:

The World Cup of Pools includes a group stage, and then knockout rounds to the Final, with polls on Twitter and Instagram.

16 of the UK's best pools have been chosen to take part:


Jesus Green Lido 51.5%


London Fields Lido 48.5%

Semi Finals:

Hampton Pool 45%


Jesus Green Lido 55%

Hillingdon Lido 16%


London Fields Lido 84%

Quarter Finals:

Match a: Hampton Pool 74% v Brockwell Lido 26%

Match b: Tooting Bec Lido 44% v Jesus Green Lido 56%

Match c: London Aquatics Centre 47% v Hillingdon Lido 53%

Match d: London Fields Lido 50.5% v Charlton Lido 49.5%

Group Stages:


1. Hampton Pool, London 55% - progress to Quarter Finals

2. Charlton Lido, London 41% - progress to Quarter Finals

3. Plymouth Life Centre, Devon 3%

4. Ponty Lido, Wales 1%


1. Tooting Bec Lido, London 61% - progress to Quarter Finals

2. Hillingdon Lido, London 29% - progress to Quarter Finals

3. Victoria Bath, Manchester 6%

4. Mountbatten Leisure Centre, Portsmouth 4%


1. London Aquatics Centre, London 68% - progress to Quarter Finals

2. Wales National Pool Swansea, Wales 15% - progress to Quarter Finals

3. Brockwell Lido, London 11%

4. Parliament Hill Lido, London 5% 


1. London Fields Lido, London 54% - progress to Quarter Finals

2. Jesus Green Lido, Cambridge 39% - progress to Quarter Finals

3. Sandford Parks Lido, Cheltenham 4%

4. Bramley Baths, Yorkshire 3%

Group Stage:

Sixteen UK pools have pre-qualified and have been drawn into 4 groups of 4 pools. These pools are going head to head in a 4-way Twitter and Instagram poll.  The two pools with the combined highest percentage (Twitter + Instagram) progress through to the knockout stages


Knockout Stages:

The Knockout rounds include; Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Final. The knockout stages involve 2 pools in each 24 hour head to head 'match'. The pool with the combined most votes in each 'match' progress through to the next knockout round.

Checkout the action on Marathon Swims Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The World Cup of Pools is created and hosted by Marathon Swims.


- Each participating pool must be currently active on Twitter and Instagram to qualify

- The 'matches' are only 24 hours long, so participating pools need to be ready to share and promote their involvement

-The combined percentages of votes on Twitter and Instagram wins. The number of votes is not counted, the percentages of each poll are counted only.

- Extra Time - In the event of a tie, the team with the most combined followers on Twitter and Instagram will progress

- In the event of a tie at the end of 'extra time', a "Penalty shootout" will take place which involves a count back of percentage votes - the pool with the most percentage votes in the competition so far (in total) will progress through to the next round. If still tied, then Twitter votes only, if still tied, we're giving up and watching the 'other' World Cup on the TV.

- Marathon Swims is the referee and their decision is final and they have the ability to change the rules at any time

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