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Marathon Swims Spectators

There are 2 types of spectator access for Marathon Swims 2022 - Free and Poolside Access. 

FREE Spectator Access: Enables spectators to enter the London Aquatics Centre free of charge and view the event from the main spectator seats.

Free spectator registration for Marathon Swims 2022 will close at midnight Wednesday 9 November - register HERE

If you register for a free spectator place, please enter the London Aquatics Centre via the event entrance on the upper concourse. You will be given a wristband on entry.

Exclusive Poolside Access: Enables you to view the event from the spectator seats and access the special poolside area to get up close the action and support your swimmer(s).

Registration for poolside spectator passes is available until midday Friday 4 November 2022 - enter HERE.

If you purchased a Poolside Access spectator pass as part of your Marathon Swims participant registration, these passes (wristbands) will be included in your race pack that you pick up on arrival at the venue (event entrance on the upper concourse).

We look forward to welcoming you to the pool of champions.

If you do not register for a free spectator place and you wish to spectate, you will need to enter the venue via the main entrance on the lower concourse.

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