Marathon Swims Hall of Fame showcases the achievements of the very best Marathon Swimmers. 


Marathon Swims Records:

These are the swimmers and the times to beat:

Olly Wilkinson 7.jpg

Marathon 10k Record (male record and OVERALL record): 

Olly Wilkinson - Marathon Swims London 2019 02:19:49


Marathon 10k Record (female record): 

Hayley Moore - Marathon Swims London 2019 02:25:03


Half Marathon 5k Record (female and OVERALL record)

Katie Nimmo - Marathon Swims Cheltenham 2019 01:13:48

Piers Cardon.jpg

Half Marathon 5k Record (male record)

Piers Cardon - Marathon Swims London 2019 01:15:33

Alice Pinney.jpg

1k Challenge Record (female and OVERALL record)

Alice Pinney - Marathon Swims London 2019 00:14:54

Jonny Riall.jpg

1k Challenge  Record (male) 

Jonny Riall - Marathon Swims London 2019 00:15:53

Peter Dixon and Christopher Morgan.jpg

Marathon 10k Team Record 

"Dream Team" Christopher Morgan and Peter Dixon - Marathon Swims London 2018. 02:14:58

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Marathon Swims Top 50:

The Marathon Swims Top 50 celebrates the 50 best recorded individual Marathon 10k swims each year in London.  The Marathon Swims Top 50 benefit from the kudos of making the list as well as a special medal insert and priority entry to Marathon Swims London 2020.  The #Top50 includes men and women, no split between gender or age, simply the fastest 50 Marathon Swimmers.

Top 50:

Marathon Swims London 2019 Top 50

Marathon Swims London 2018 Top 50

Marathon Swims London 2017 Top 50

In 2017 you needed a time of less than 03:41:30 to break into the Top 50

In 2018 you needed a time of less than 03:23:52 to break into the Top50 (18 Minutes quicker)

In 2019 you needed a time of less than 03:15:48 to break into the Top50 (8 minutes quicker)

More Amazing Marathon Swimmers:

Helen Bull has completed the Marathon 10k at every single Marathon Swims London event. Helen completed the Marathon 10k once in 2017, twice in 2018 (Saturday and Sunday) and twice again in 2019.


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